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Our aims, goals and objectives propel the innovations waiting to happen at the PREPARE Institute. Click on the aims below to see how we bring them to life with measurable goals and specific objectives. This is how we turn great ideas into great discoveries.

Aim 1: Foster innovation, synergy and service

  • Provide the foundation and framework for highly productive collaborations across disciplines, investigators, member institutions, and the community.
  • Primary Goal

    Improve connections among interdisciplinary scientists to quickly address future pandemics.
  • Objectives

    1. Provide laboratory, clinical and analytical services that promote innovative research.
    2. Sustain and expand partnerships throughout San Diego County to create synergy and build capacity.
    3. Produce cutting-edge scientific conferences that attract scientists and community partners to foster interdisciplinary collaborations.

Aim 2: Support the next generation

  • Provide Training, Inspiration, Mentoring, and Expert guidance (TIME) to investigators across career stages.
  • Primary Goal

    Offer educational resources and training opportunities in testing technologies, epidemiology, clinical trials, community engagement, and implementation science.
  • Objectives

    1. Offer training and mentoring activities across all Cores.
    2. Inspire emerging investigators and stimulate their careers through structured training activities (seminars, workshops, work-in-progress reviews, journal clubs, clinical rounds).
    3. Provide a variety of seed-funding pilot grants to promote independent research among emerging investigators.
    4. Engage with other career-development opportunities (T32, D43 and R25 training grants and institutional training activities) to foster the next generation of researchers.

Aim 3: Plan strategically and inclusively

  • Adapt proactively to an ever-evolving research environment while ensuring that all stakeholders have ample and equitable opportunities to contribute to our progress.
  • Primary Goal

    Increase, integrate and improve collaboration, resource sharing and engagement across all PREPARE Institute partner institutions and UC San Diego divisions, departments and schools.
  • Objectives

    1. Leverage internal resources and institutional support to adapt to emerging needs and directions.
    2. Conduct annual (or more frequent) feedback surveys, strategic planning sessions, advisory board meetings and retreats to review, refine and improve our mission, goals and aims.
    3. Ensure that all stakeholders–emerging and established investigators, institutional leaders and community members–have a voice and a place in everything we do.