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PREPARE Institute Cores & Services



The Administrative Core provides leadership, planning, and operational support to advance PREPARE's mission of predicting, preventing, and mitigating emerging infectious disease threats. 


The Developmental Core trains and fosters the next generation of scientific experts in infectious disease research, prevention, and control.


The Community Core engages Community Advisory Boards (CABs) and public health departments to increase the understanding and uptake of beneficial educational and scientific interventions designed to limit infectious disease spread in all at-risk communities. 

Epidemiology, Social Science and Health Equity

The Epidemiology, Social Science and Health Equity Core performs critical outbreak modeling, discusses how social disparities impact infectious disease outcomes, and promotes evidence-based measures to ensure the public health.  

Basic Science

The Basic Science Core conducts essential laboratory-based investigations into the mechanisms of infectious disease pathogenesis. 

Clinical Science and Care

The Clinical Science and Care Core supports leading-edge clinical trials and translational research geared to counteract various pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) of concern.

Data Science and Management

The Data Science and Management Core provides biostatistical and informatics resources for database development, management, and analysis to enhance the conduct and findings of infectious disease research. 

Implementation Science

The Implementation Science Core focuses on process improvements to better integrate infectious disease research evidence into clinical and public health practice. 


The Policy Core partners with lawmakers and public health authorities to enact measures and plans to lessen the economic, social, and health impacts of infectious disease outbreaks.