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Protecting Humanity Against Future Pandemics

Support the PREPARE Institute

Through the PREPARE Institute, UC San Diego is taking the lead in ensuring our world is not taken by surprise the next time a new disease arises. Until recently, we lacked the technology to anticipate and prepare for novel diseases. But that is no longer the case—and UC San Diego stands ready to leverage what we’ve learned so that we can deploy it in service to human health around the world. We seek to equip humanity against any infectious disease vector—bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi—through surveillance, proactive therapeutic and vaccine research, and through emphasizing the importance of public policy and health behaviors. This is a massive undertaking, but one with the potential to redefine how we manage pandemics and to save countless lives.

Your opportunity to act

Humanity is in the midst of a fight for countless lives as we seek ways to treat a new disease. But we have never been better equipped to meet the challenge thanks to advancements in technology, knowledge, and capability—and now more than ever, it is critical we begin preparation for the next time a new pathogen arises. You can play a key role in stopping the next pandemic before it starts.

Help shape our world’s future by supporting the PREPARE Institute. Partner with us by visiting our secure online donation portal here.

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UC San Diego COVID-19 Research Fund

Every day, more people are infected and more people succumb to effects of this virus. 

The UC San Diego Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health launched a COVID-19 Research Fund to address the greatest needs in this evolving situation and move forward with research and health care efforts to better understand and respond to this still-emerging pandemic.

UC San Diego COVID-19 Research Fund

You have an opportunity to help find solutions for COVID-19 by supporting this important effort. By partnering with us, you can help save lives.

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