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PREPARE Developmental Grant recipients must fulfill administrative and financial responsibilities related to their grants.

Onboarding meetings

Successful applicants are required to attend onboarding meetings to learn the requirements and responsibilities of managing a Developmental Grant. Mentors and fund managers are welcome to attend, but not required. Details will be shared with applicants and their mentors around the time the awards are announced. The following responsibilities and requirements will be reviewed during the onboarding meetings.

Regulatory Approvals

Regulatory approvals are required for Developmental Grants.

If your Developmental Grant application concerns a study that requires approval by an Institutional Animal Care Use Committee (IACUC) or Institutional Review Board (IRB), you are encouraged, but not required, to submit the study for approval before applying for your Developmental Grant. These approvals often take several weeks. If your application is funded, you will not be allowed to spend the award until you e-mail a copy of the approval notice to the Administrative Core.

Fund Management

Developmental Grant recipients are responsible for managing their project's funding.

If you receive a Developmental Grant, you are responsible for working with your departmental fund manager to manage the award. If any funds are left over at the end of your award period, they will be returned to the Administrative Core. If you overspend, you must refund the Core. If you have any questions, please contact us.


If you are based at UC San Diego, a chart string will be established for your Developmental Grant. Contact your department's fund manager if you need information on how to work with this system.

If you are based at one of our partner institutions, we will set up a subcontract with your institution. Your department's fund manager will be your best source of information for dealing with the subcontract because every institution handles them differently.

Financial Reports

The PREPARE Administrative Core issues monthly financial reports. Please review these reports carefully to ensure accurate reporting and to avoid overspending or underspending. You may also wish to have your department's fund manager review the reports with you.

What to do if you receive independent funding for a project currently supported by a Developmental Grant.

If you receive independent NIH or equivalent institutional funding for research that is currently supported by an PREPARE Developmental Grant, congratulations! Please notify the PREPARE Administrative Core immediately so that funds allocated to your grant can be returned to the PREPARE. NIH regulations prohibit simultaneous funding.

Progress Report

Developmental Grant recipients are required to provide information for annual PREPARE progress reports.

PREPARE is required to complete annual progress reports to document our efforts.

We will ask you to provide at minimum an initial and a final one-page update for our annual progress report. We will also ask you to provide information about any human subjects enrolled in your study, copies of IRB/ethics approvals, any new collaborations with other investigators or research teams, and updated lists of publications and subsequent awards that resulted from your Developmental Grant. PREPARE will distribute the most current forms needed.

Please acknowledge the Developmental Core in all abstracts, publications, and presentations that result from your PREPARE Developmental Grant. We will contact you annually to ask if you presented any manuscripts accepted related to your grant. We will also ask you if you have received any grants as a result of the work completed in your PREPARE Developmental Grant. Please e-mail a PDF of each published manuscript that appears in a peer-reviewed journal.

PREPARE Seminar Series

You will be asked to present your research in at least one PREPARE seminar and to attend as many presentations as possible while your Developmental Grant is active. These are great opportunities to network and learn about the PREPARE Institute's active research and how that can contribute to your work.