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Developmental Grant applications are evaluated on a number of criteria.

Developmental Grant applications received by PREPARE are evaluated by experts. Reviewers may be recommended by applicants or by the PREPARE Institute. In all cases, they are selected based on expertise and lack of conflict of interest. These reviewers rate each application on a number of criteria, including the applicant's eligibility and the application's scientific merit, relevance to pandemic preparedness research, and potential to generate subsequent grants and publications.


Reviewers assess each applicant's eligibility and assign a rating, with preference given to early stage investigators who have no other NIH or equivalent funding. Please review our eligibility requirements before you apply.


  1. Postdoctoral fellows may not apply for Developmental Grants, and these grants may not be used to provide salaries for postdoctoral fellows.
  2. Developmental Grants cannot support studies involving new drugs, treatments, or devices, or off-label use of a licensed drug.
  3. Applicants may submit only one Developmental Grant application per cycle, and may only serve as PI on one active Developmental Grant at a time.

Scientific Merit

Developmental Grant reviewers are renowned experts in all areas of pandemic prevention research. They evaluate each application on its innovation, feasibility, and potential contribution to the current body of knowledge.


Developmental Grant applications must address an aspect of pandemic preparedness research that has yet to be studied in depth or propose a new concept. Studies will be considered in virtually any area of basic science, clinical, behavioral, or public health research.