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Review Process

Developmental Grant applications undergo an objective, rigorous review process.

You will be asked (required) in InfoReady Review to recommend four reviewers (2 from PREPARE & 2 from HMI) to evaluate your proposal. To avoid conflicts of interest, please do not recommend mentors or researchers with whom you have strong professional or personal ties. Up to two additional, optional, reviewers may be added. If your preferred reviewers are unavailable, the Administrative Core will identify alternates.

Developmental Grant applications are received, carefully evaluated, and shared with reviewers as soon as possible. Each application receives a minimum of two reviews from experts selected for their knowledge of the subject matter and lack of conflict of interest. Reviewers assign scores to each application based on our evaluation criteria and write constructive critiques. The applications and their evaluations are then forwarded to our Developmental Grant Review Committee, which considers the pool of applications and recommends those most worthy of funding. Final decisions will be made by PREPARE and HMI Leadership and are based on the availability of funds and the merit of applications.


Applicants are typically notified of the award decision within four to six weeks of the submission deadline. Along with the decision notice, applicants receive copies of the reviewers' critiques without the reviewers' names. The critiques are intended to help applicants improve their studies regardless of the funding decision.

Early stage investigators whose studies are not funded are strongly encouraged to work with their mentors and submit a revised application in a future funding cycle.